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Owner of Clinic, Dentist

Joined the team in 2004 Bachelor's degree in chemistry from DTU 3 kids and 1 dog Swims 3000 metres each Thursday.

Mona Thygesen

Owner of Clinic, Dentist

Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1994. Navy Dentist in Greenland 1995. Recruited to the Valby Tand Clinic 1996 by Magnus Finn Smith in 1996. Lecturer in digital 3D technique. 2. Black Belt in shotokan karate. Drew cartoons throughout primary school, high school and dental college.

Martin Heiden


Completed dentist's degree in 1999 Recruited to this clinic in 2002 Research grant in Periodontitis (Schoolar grant) Speaks French, English and German. Dawson education. Dancing mom in world class form. Touring the world with choir singing and dancing.

Anette Svinth


Recruited in 2016. Newest arrival and therefore in charge of the coffee ;0) Mother of 2 boys and married to Otto. Has a whole room filled with Lego. Used to have poultry and rabbits roaming freely in her backyard. Loves food, people, travelling and arguing. Has a hunter's certificate but has never brought home any game. National rowing champion.

Maiken Friedrichsen

Clinic Coordinator

Recruited 13-1-1984 Love my job. Excellent planning skills. Dark sense of humour. Incredibly perfectionistic and probably a bit annoying at that. The boss at scheduling, planning and handling every other problem that may arise ;0)

Pernille T. Christiansen

Dental Hygienist

Recruited in 2013. Married and mother of 2 boys. Knows everything there is to know about curly hair.

Serrani Topal

Dental Hygienist

Graduated from University of Copenhagen (SKT) in February 2008. Recruited to the clinic in April 2008. I care deeply about my patients' needs. I am passionate about all kinds of sport and I love cake;)

Iben Hansen

Dental Hygienist

Temp and recruited in June 2014. Always in a good mood. Speaks Arabic. Loves to work out.

Sama AIL-Wajedi

Dental Hygienist

Jesper Vodstrup


Been with us since 1-4-2001 Clinic assistant and receptionist. Our resident super jute. Has a hunter's certificate and speaks several languages. Keeps everyone in a good mood with her odd and humorous statements.

Jette Jacobsen


Been with us since 10-12-2000. Certified clinic assistant. Married and the mother of 2 tall children. Loves a glass of quality red wine.

Heidi U. Nørregaard

Clinic Assistant

Moved to Denmark in 1986 - 3 years old. Recruited to the clinic 3-1-2011. Scared of all animals, with the notable exception of spiders Married in 2000 and mother of 3 boys. Graduated in 2002 as Clinic Assistant from The Danish SKT School. Booking manager for Martin.

Havva Taskin

Clinic Assistant

Recruited in august 2004 A baked goods geek Helpful, workful Mother of 2 girls Football fan Assists at surgeries Has a French Bulldog

Karina Bisgaard

Clinic Assistant

Recruited in 2008 by Winnie Kobjewsky Certified Clin. Ass. from Panum Started as a trainee at Valby Tand and was employed after graduation.

Sharifa Elshayah

Clinic Assistant Trainee

Recruited as a trainee 7th of August 2017 Formerly trained as a hairdresser before I discovered that teeth are much more fun.

Mie Larsen