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Healthy, strong and beautiful teeth

At Valby Tand, we offer quality oral care services at a price that will keep you smiling.


Our services include a wide selection of various quality-proven treatments – everything from a simple tooth cleansing to 3D scans and prevention of tooth decay. We focus on preventive treatments that maintain and strengthen your teeth.

It is also possible to have cosmetic treatments done. Our skilled dentists and dental hygienists have years of experience and expert knowledge of various procedures and methods, and they furthen their education continuously, so that we can offer our patients the most professional, innovative and competent treatments.

It is of utmost importance to us that you receive quality treatments and have a pleasant visit at the clinic, whether you’re having a small procedure or something more extensive done.

We are of course sympathetic of nervous patients, and we try to make your visit as painless as possible, so you leave us with a good feeling. You’re always in good hands at our clinic.


The treatments we offer are always designed to meet your individual needs and wishes, and we never compromise on quality. All treatments are made with new, modern equipment and takes place in professional surroundings. Procedures performed at Valby Tand’s clinic are a perfect fit for you, if you’re looking to get healthier, stronger and/or better looking teeth. We can fulfil all three requests.


In the following paragraphs, you can read more about our services available at the clinic.


Get healthy teeth by getting frequent tooth cleansing, which improves and maintains your oral health. We can also help with nervous patients.

We offer treatments such as:

Dental Cleaning

Fluoride Treatment

Resin Fillings



Do you want stronger teeth? Would you like to avoid a unforeseen and expensive dental bill?

Avoid unnecessary tooth decay and get stronger teeth with treatments like:

Tooth Wear


Teeth Restoration



Do you have a desire to get whiter teeth? Or are you fed up with the crooked tooth staring back at you from your reflection?

Valby Tand is offering treatments that optimizes your smile, such as:


SmileDesign Planning tool

Teeth Whitening

Is your next appointment at the dentist coming up soon? Book a consultation here: