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We create beautiful teeth and big smiles

We’re happy to help with all cosmetic improvements. Cosmetic oral care can be a great source of pride to you and to your dentist. Hence our motto: Smiling makes you smile! 

Beautiful teeth should be for everyone. Exclusively at Valby Tand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station, we have the knowledge, the craftmanship and the world’s most sophisticated 3D-planning graphic programmes to show the kind of results you may expect from us – BEFORE you commit to any treatment of any kind.


The current trend in cosmetic dental care is not sparkling white teeth – clients are looking to get naturally-looking teeth instead.


Trust us. A pair of realistic looking teeth is often the end result that both you as a client and we as professionals take most pride in.

Beautiful teeth with minimal interference

There could be a multitude of reasons for why you might want to change the appearance of your teeth.


Maybe they’re too crooked.


Maybe they’re too stained.


Maybe they have been worn down and are short and stubby.


Our philosophy is that teeth are most pleasing to look at, when they look realistic and fit the owner wearing them.


And if we are to perform surgery of any kind, we want to affect the teeth as little as possible – this is called minimally invasive procedure.


We are both health care providers that respect your tooth’s natural autonomy, but we are also individuals respectful of you and your unique wishes.


There are a multitude of different treatments that can provide beautiful teeth, so no matter what your wishes might be, we will find the best and safest solution – together.

Tandlægerne ved Valby Station will always opt for the least invasive procedure – that is our promise to you.

 At Valby Tand, we specialize in using 3D-graphic planning programmes. We show you the result beforehand – so that you get the smile you actually want.

Do you have discoloured teeth?

Valby Tand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station is able to give you the beautiful smile you’ve dreamed about!

Is your next appointment at the dentist coming up soon? Book a consultation here: