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Tough teeth are usually healthy and “unspoiled”. Have they been damaged along the line, the skilled dentists at Valby Tand can restore them to their original strength. 

It’s an urban legend that some are born with strong teeth whilst others have inferior teeth.


We can promise you one thing:

We are never pleased to see that there is work to be done on a tooth – we’re happiest when we see that there is nothing whatsoever to work on.


If we have to repair anything, it is a joy to take part in creating something new and strong. Afterwards, the greatest joy of all is to see you maintaining what we have created for you.

Just like an architect feels joy creating a building and is happy to see it maintained and cared for properly.

Keeping your teeth strong – all your life
A long-term investment in the core strength of your teeth

We always try to see the bigger picture and look several years into the future:


How should your teeth look when you reach the age of 80 or a 100 years old?


Should we recommend you to choose a small procedure now – and avoid a large scale treatment down the line?


Valby Tand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station is looking to keep your teeth strong!

Is your next dentist appointment coming up soon? Book a consultation now: