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Full mouth rehabilitation. You might think it has something to do with rehab – but in fact it doesn’t. 

Rehabilitation entails a full reconstruction plan, which can be life changing and probably creates the most individual happiness down the line.

If you have decayed, misaligned and unsightly teeth, a full mouth dental rehabilitation may be right for you. During a rehabilitation, we recreate your teeth and reset them to what they looked like prior to the damage they sustained throughout the years.

Have strong teeth and a beautiful smile recreated at ValbyTand
Who could benefit from a full teeth restoration?

If an individual has multiple cavities, one risks broken teeth or open root canals. One or several teeth might have to be removed to alleviate the pain – and the more teeth that are lost, the more pressure is placed on the rest of the teeth. A vicious circle.


Another type of teeth belongs to those who grind their teeth, experience belches or malalignment. Extreme degrees of tooth decay can be cosmetically upsetting. This is the most common reason as to how people learn that their teeth have been damaged over an extended period of time.


If the decay is mainly affecting the front teeth, they will grow increasingly shorter. One’s facial structures will be changed by it. A solution to this problem can be to glue an additional layer to the teeth and raise them. This is called a posterior bite lift. This will both reenforce the teeth and make them nicer to look at.


A treatment of this magnitude can only be performed after a thorough analysis and an extensive treatment plan. You could compare it to a construction plan, in which we’re both the architect, the engineer and the builder. We must cover all these bases in order to create a “building” that is nice to look at, lasts for many years and is easy to maintain!


Our dentists Mona, Martin and Anette have completed an extensive further education in England in order to handle large-scale cosmetic procedures.


A complete teeth restoration usually aims to create good occlusion, a proper bite function and a beautiful smile.


ValbyTand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station restores your teeth to their former strong and beautiful state!

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