Welcome toThe dentists at Valby Station

We have been treating teeth for over 100,000 citizens in Valby since 1945 and you are also welcome!

We have been constantly evolving for 75 years, so today we use the latest digital 3D technologies to give you top quality in the form of optimal precision and good visual communication – This means that you and your therapist can have a good dialogue about your set of teeth.

We are 5 dentists, 3 dental nurses, 6 clinic assistants and 2 receptionists who work every day to give our patients the best possible treatment – and this is only possible through constant further training.

All our experienced dentists, hygienists and assistants go through continuous education every year to offer you the best possible oral healthcare. We are looking forward to welcome you!


Healthy teeth


Strong teeth

Tough teeth are usually healthy and “unspoiled”. But have they taken damage along the way ....

Beautiful teeth

We’re happy to help with all cosmetic improvements. When a cosmetic treatment ....


Rehabilitation Full mouth rehabilitation. You might think it has something to do with rehab – but in fact it doesn’t.

Intro package

With us you get:

  • Free 3D scan at your very first examination, which is stored in our digital dental bank – the modern dental card.
  • Treaters with good time. We set aside 45 minutes for your first examination, where we thoroughly review your teeth and listen to your wishes.
  • Therapists with many years of experience who spend over 25 hours a year on further education.
Are you a new patient in our practice?

We are looking forward to meeting you. Here you can read about everything you should prepare before you come to us for the first time.

Hwo are we?

We are 15 people. There are dentists and assistants, there are dental hygienists and receptionists, and then there is a coordinator and a student.

How did we learn that?

All our experienced staff, dentists, dental hygienists and receptionists and clinic assistants undergo further training every year, so we are constantly getting better at our job.

How to contact us?

Are you a dentist and want to refer for panoramic X-rays, then you can read about it here.

What can we do?

We can help give you healthy, strong and beautiful teeth. Preventive, tooth-preserving and cosmetic treatment in an environment where high tech and cosiness go hand in hand.

How do you find us?

Here you will find our address, telephone number, e-mail address and not least opening hours.

Only the best for our patients

Our hand-picked partners


Danish market-leading company on dental 3D scanning equipment


New York-based company who allows you to design your own mouth guard.


Italian company who offers invisible trays to align your teeth


Swedish smile design concept focused on natural shapes

Are you a new patient in our practice?

We are Pernille, Jette and Heidi and we are the receptionist staff of Valby Tand.
You are the ones you meet when you make your first phone call or make your first entry in our practice
we recommend you fill out the formula below to know your wishes or concerns in order to give you the best new customer experience