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Our clinic was established in 1945 in Valby, where we are still located to this date. Since then, we have upgraded our equipment and are now a business with state of the art tools and machinery. Our staff consists of 2 dentist owners, 3 practising dentists, 3 dental hygienists, 6 laboratory assistants and 2 receptionists – so we are confident that we can offer everyone a seat within a reasonable time frame.


We always aim to be thorough and conscientious care providers, and we take great pride in further education and keeping up to date in our field – only to provide the best possible care for our patients. All dentists employed at the clinic have therefore received the prestigious Danish Dental Association’s official Diploma for Certified Further Education. We are working specifically towards long term, intelligent treatments based on documented research and knowledge, using the newest procedures and most recent equipment and materials.


Our goal is that you can visit a clinic where you not only experience the joy of being treated with the newest and most efficient equipment – but that you’re also given a sincere and thoughtful treatment that always makes you feel welcome.

Is your next appointment at the dentist coming up soon? Book a consultation now:

Are you a new addition to the clinic?

We are looking forward to meeting you. You can read all about what you should prepare and bring along for your first visit - so that you have the best possible experience with us.

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Who are we?

We are a small team of 15 people. We are dentists and dental hygienists, we are assistants and receptionists, and we also have a coordinator and a trainee.

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How did we learn this?

All our experienced employees, care personnel, receptionists and assistants further their education each year, so we keep getting better at the job we love.

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How to refer a patient to our clinic?

Are you a dentist looking to refer a patient to us for panoramic x-ray recordings, read more about it here.

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What can we do?

We can help you get healthy, strong and beautiful teeth. Preventative, tooth preserving and cosmetic treatments in a safe environment, where happiness and high tech go hand in hand.

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How to find us?

Here you will find our address, our phone number, e-mail address and of course opening hours.

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Business partners

Our patients deserve the best

See our business partners below – we have deliberately chosen to work with only the top companies in the dental services industry.