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Most dentists claim that they continue their studies.
We have actual documentation that we in fact do so.

All our dentist staff trained at University of Copenhagen/Department of Odontology (School of Dentistry).  Between us, we have nothing short than 76 years of experience with oral health care.


It is of course preferable to be treated by an experienced dentist. Yet experience is only truly significant, if one is making sure to keep your craft and knowledge of the field up to date. It is important to seek out advanced specialized education, founded on impartial, scientific studies with actual documented effect.


It is sadly well known that as time passes by, one might easily overestimate one’s abilities and make the same mistakes repeatedly – even with growing confidence in one’s capabilities.


When you are being treated at our clinic, you can rest assured that our continuing education is fully up to date:

The owners of the clinic have signed an official Danish agreement, stating that all employed dentists, whether they be owners or practicing staff, must further continue their training at least 25 working hours each year.


Our further training usually takes place at the Danish Dental Association’s annual 3-day seminar at the Bella Center, as well as at the association’s Symposium, a 2-day seminar which is a kind of theme where one area in the field is taught intensively, so that you as a professional get to be updated on the newest knowledge. In addition to these great courses, all staff at the clinic participate in minor course after work at least once a year. These courses usually focuses on new materials or specific treatments.

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Below, you will find the Danish Dental Association’s official Diplomas for Documented Continued Education issued to our staff.