For our fellow dentists, the use of panoramic recordings is nothing new. In order to inspire you to using it, we hereby mention our demands to using this device, as well as earlier instances where we could have used / found it enormously helpful, had we had access to a panoramic x-ray recording.

  • Examining a new patient, where multiple root canal treatments are needed and possible apical developments, such as root resorption that has not been investigated recently.
  • Focal sanitation before dental implantation is undertaken, or after specific request from the hospital prior to f.i. cancer treatment, cardiac surgery as well as miscellaneous operations where infection control is crucial.
  • Preparations leading up to dental implantation, measuring distance to f.i. canalis mandibulae and sinus maxillaris using a reference metal ball (read more about options further down in this form)
  • Extensive treatment planning related to prosthetics and surgery, f.i. 4 wisdom teeth, facilitated by a panoramic photograph instead of 4 single tooth recordings.
  • Patients with sensitive gag reflex that are unfit for standard enoral recordings. On our first patient who required this specific action, we found 3 undiagnosed caries attacks and two external apical processes. Bitewing x-ray is always the preferred choice that gives the most precise photograph needed to diagnose caries; however, a panoramic photograph is better than nothing in this case.
  • BW x-rays covering the entire root complex, both UJ and LJ
    – the resolution on the latter is not as good as standard enoral BW photographs; however, they are significantly better than complete panoramic photographs and yet again an alternative to considerable less inconvenience for the patient with a hypersensitive gag reflex.

    We highly recommend that the dentist doing the referral describes the x-ray photograph and tries to give the relevant diagnoses beforehand – this makes more sense, as the referring dentist knows the reason for the referral of their patient. This procedure just needs a written agreement between referring and practising dentist.

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Charges from 1/10-2016 for panoramic x-ray is 624,53 DKK when billed to referring dentist.

Guiding price when billing the patient at the clinic: 1024,53 DKK. Samme fee as the BUT agreement.

Please note that the health insurance “danmark” gives the patient a deduction of 275 DKK in groups 1, 2 and 5.

Referral to Panoramic X-Rays