Most people look forward to a dental cleaning. They might not be excited about the period of time where the teeth is cleaned, however the result is something that pleases everyone. Apart from the joy of smooth teeth, there are significant advantages to your health.

Why should you get your teeth cleaned?

All kinds of teeth cleaning, regular as well as the more extensive procedure (root canal cleaning) aims to reduce the build up of bacteria and remove tartar. Bacteria will always be present in your mouth, as well as in your body overall. Fortunately, most of these bacteria are beneficial to you. But there are a select few that have the ability to do serious harm. Only if the bacteria is allowed to settle and form a thick layer, it will be possible for them to inflict damage.

This is why we strongly recommend a regimen of daily oral care on your part – when you prevent the bacteria from accumulating and form the destructive layer, we refer to as plaque or biofilm.

In other words, there are no miracle cures for cavities and gingivitis. 90% of toothbrushing effect is caused by the mechanical disruption of bacteria. The fluor in tooth paste, mouth washes and chewing gum all help, yet they are no real match for you brushing your teeth on a daily basis – preferably 3 times a day.


Tartar is primarily formed by calcius excreted from your saliva. Tartar is a hardened surface and attract bacteria due to their uneven structure. The tartar also obstructs you from brushing your teeth properly. Tartar is not the cause of bad oral health itself – it is however a contributing factor to worsening gingivitis (gum disease). Once the tartar has formed, you cannot remove it yourself. It is our task to remove it.

The reason that teeth cleaning is so “sought after” is that you can feel a noticable difference in the surface of your teeth afterwards. Teeth that once were rough and might even have had brownish or black discolorations, immediately starts to feel smooth and look much nicer. A more extensive treatment than an oral cleaning might be needed, though.

A dental cleaning at Valby Tand is a noticably effective way to keep your teeth healthy.


Besides the regular oral cleaning, you have the “extended cleaning”. An extended cleaning is used if you have gingivitis on multiple teeth. If gingivitis isn’t detected and treated in time, you may develop the serious type of gum disease, the chronic condition called parodontitis. The chronic disease periodontal disease, or gum disease, is significantly more serious. The bacteria start to attack the bone responsible for keeping the tooth in place. If periodontal

disease is not seen and treated in time, your teeth can loosen and fall out of your mouth. Once the disease reaches this stage, thorough examination, registration und planning. Typically the extensive tooth cleaning also known as root canal treatment is performed, cleaning out the sides of the tooth and into the root itself. You will have to visit your dentist or dental hygienist frequently, and you will have to follow strict instructions on what you can do to speed up recovery. The good thing is that periodontal disease is a diagnosis you can get rid of. It just takes hard work, both on your part and on ours – but there are excellent chances of success.

The goal is that you keep all your teeth throughout your life, and that is a realistic plan. Prevention and early detection of gum disease is always preferable! The solution is to have check ups done regularly, so we can detect any damage and help you early on before extensive treatment is needed.
Valby Tand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station assists you in keeping your teeth healthy!

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