At Valby Tand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station, we are the first Danish dentists to use the ground-breaking tool FabSmiles.

And what is so special about this tool? Well, with FabSmiles we’re able to offer you dental bridges with an all-natural appearance. Thanks to FabSmile’s archive of natural human teeth!


The state-of-the-art SmileDesign is a sophisticated planning tool. At Valby Tand, we know it as Trios SmileDesign. Its roots go a long way back. The method for designing front teeth, the centrepiece of a human smile, has existed since dentures were invented – or false teeth, as they’re lovingly referred to by the public. Top dentists were displeased with seeing dentures solely performing as facilitators for chewing. They began to wonder whether it would be possible to make rehabilitated dentures actually fit the face they were created for. The ultimate goal was that you would not be able to tell that the wearer had false teeth. Everyone has probably at some point met someone where it is obvious that the person had a new set of teeth made. The give away is usually that these new teeth are too white, and too “perfect”. It is this common issue that makes dentures look unnatural, according to popular belief. At our clinic, we believe that a set of teeth should look beautiful and natural. And most importantly, they should fit the wearer! Some people categorically wants a Hollywood smile. Others (and fortunately, this is the majority of our clientele) just want to be the best version of themselves. 🙂


Some patients want their teeth to look symmetrical and be perfectly straight – others think that a slightly odd occlusion has special charm. This all comes down to personal preference! Shape also has to be factored in. Many people are unaware that there are significant variations in the shape and form of teeth. Some have a triangular shape, whereas others are round and a third kind of teeth looks more square. So as you can see, it’s an entire scientific field of it’s own. There are actually about 600 entirely different ways a front teeth might look! The dentist plays a fundamental part in understanding and knowing these facts and subtle differences, in order to provide the patient with a smile that fits the wearer and seems to have been with the owner since birth. It is simply a prerequisite that a smile looks natural and beautiful.

Browse through many possible looks for rehabilitated teeth with FabSmiles, a convenient tool which are so far only available at Valby Tand.


First and foremost, we want to know your thoughts and ideas about your future smile. This is where the FabSmiles concept comes into play.

The idea behind the FabSmiles design concept is that it gives words to the often difficult conversation between you and the dentist. Your dentist may have a hard time reading your mind and guide you to the very best fit for you. You might even have a quite specific look in your mind already? Instead of running the risk of the dentist choosing a smile, which he or she alone finds beautiful, FabSmiles creates a vocabulary and a common ground to open up a conversation with you. This approach is more than likely to make you happy with the end result and make sure that you and your health professional are on the same page from the very beginning. 18 different people’s teeth have been thoroughly photographed and 3D scanned, so that exact replicas of those sets can be created, should you wish to have an exact replica made of an exhibit from the book. It’s just like when you’re at the salon, browsing through the photo book of various hair styles, pointing out a specific look and telling your hairdresser, “I’d like that one, please.” The FabSmiles concept is of course also dependant on professional photos we do here at the Valby Tand clinic, as well as the digital design of your smile we make together. During each and every step, you will be given the opportunity to see the smile we’re making for you, and give us your approval of it being every bit as you wished for – and you get to do so before we begin any treatment on you, so we ensure maximum trust and understanding for both parties.

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