2 minutes is the minimum requirement. We have noticed that our “elite brushers”, red. those who has perfect oral hygiene and never gets cavities, spends around 10 minutes on each tooth brushing session. Our best tip is to walk around at home and do something else simultaneously. Just think of how quickly time passes, when you’re looking at your phone.

Whoops! Was that 10 minutes already?

Teeth move throughout your life, if you let them. The alignment changes most in childhood, but it continues throughout your life – just at a slower pace. This happens due to the natural growth of the cementum and the varied pressure from tongue and lips.

Occasionally, your teeth changing prove disruptive or even damaging for your alignment and your health. The issue is usually just of a cosmetic nature.

It is a somewhat academic discussion. It is actually beneficial to have clean teeth prior to exposing the teeth to sugar during a meal. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to brush your teeth beforehand, say before breakfast.

Understandably enough, most people find it pleasant to remove remnants of food after a meal, and this is actually advantageous too. The bacteria have to form a thick layer in order to damage your dentine layer, so all in all it is vital to disturb the congealing of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, preferably continuously throughout your waking hours.

In conclusion, you can brush whenever you like. But please use fluoride toothpaste.

We seldom ever have to tell someone that they’re brushing too vigorously. 98% of gum bleeding is actually a result of insufficient tooth brushing, or even rushed or erratic brushing.

What usually happens is that the client brushes insufficiently for a number of days, causing gum disease (or periodontal disease). Then the client starts to brush correctly and gum bleeding starts to occur.

The solution is to brush systematically and to use dental floss and separators, should your hygienist or dentist recommend it to you.

Your teeth do turn yellow with age, and this is perfectly natural. And contrary to popular belief, they aren’t stained that much from tea, coffee, red wine or smoking.

The core of the tooth is referred to as the cementum or the cement. This bone-like substance ages like the rest of your body and becomes increasingly yellow with age. The cementum will start to permeate through the outer dentine layer of the tooth, thus giving the tooth a yellow tinge.

The answer is short and simple: fluoride toothpaste.

There are many toothpaste manufacturers who claim that they have the best product. The only thing that determines the integrity of your toothpaste is essentially whether it contains fluoride or not.

There will probably always be a number of people prone to believe in conspiracy theories and do the opposite of what has been scientifically proven. The positive effect of fluoride, or natriumfluoride as it is declared on the ingredient list, is undeniable.

The discovery of the beneficial effect of natriumfluoride to countering cavities happened by accident in the United States in the 1930’s. After two water drillings, one found a significant difference in the amount of natriumfluoride present in the water. There proved to be a clear correlation between the amount of fluoride in the water and the number of cavities two identical groups of school children had.

There and then the effect of fluoride was discovered. And today, it is an integral part of all decent toothpastes. Period!

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