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If you are looking to get brighter teeth, a whitening could be the right fit for you.


A professional bleaching is a small procedure compared to drilling or glueing additional layers to the teeth in order to brighten them.


As with all cosmetic treatments, it is highly subjective what a beautiful tooth is and how white it should be. We always listen to your individual wishes. However, we will always advise you on any perks and disadvantages, and we will do so respectfully. We just want you to be fully informed of the result you are getting.

Dental bleaching done by professionals

At Valby Tand, our professional teeth whitening begins with us making an imprint of your teeth. We then shape a bleach splint, produced specifically to your teeth. This guarantees that the splint is snugly attached to your teeth, preventing the bleach from running out of the splint. This is essential to avoid bleaching the gums.

Regardless of your desired level of whitening, we are ready to help here at Valby Tand. Our trained dentists specialise in safe, efficient whitening.
Buying dental bleaches online and legalities in that area

In the European Union, only trained dentists are allowed to perform or authorise dental whitening with bleaching substances containing hydrogen peroxide in concentrations exceeding 0.1%. What this means is that the bleaches sold online are either conflicting with the law, or if they contain less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, the bleach is virtually ineffective and the product is therefore useless. It is the first instance that we dislike the most – for this can cause actual damage to someone.


You might be asking yourself why it is even necessary to have a whitening treatment done at our clinic, when we are using the same concentrations as every other dentist?


The essential part of this is the guidance we offer you – and that the splint we make for the bleach has been designed from a unique imprint of your teeth. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all-splints – because one size usually ends up meaning no size – that this uniform size matches nobody whatsoever.  


If you use one of these one-size splints, the bleach gel might corrode your gums and make the gums retract from your teeth, leaving your teeth open to damage and disease. 


ValbyTand – Tandlægerne ved Valby Station is here to guide you to beautiful teeth!

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